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We believe the internet is not only a good way to promote businesses and services but is an excellent medium for presenting projects, concepts, designs and ideas. As web designers we also believe in the internet being democratic and remaining a free venue to source, exchange and share information, ideas and views. Therefore we work with clients whose aim is either to present their work in a unique way or to provide a venue that allows people to connect with each other and search for everything within that special area. On the one hand our clients are artists, designers and architects - on the other hand we create forum-based communicating online services and/or search-orientated networking sites.
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We are able to apply most desktop publishing and graphic design software, including all current Adobe and Macromedia products to create or enhance images. For architectural presentations we utilise the latest CAD and spatial design software - ArchiCad, AutoCad etc - then spice them up in a rendering & graphic design program or make them into animations & movies.
For web animations (animated logos, graphics, text & images) we mainly create animated gifs because they are visually effective, small in size and can be read by all browsers.

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Although we do make use of the latest web design software, our unique presentations require unique coding so we tend ourselves to write most of the functions, programs for our websites utilising JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Perl, Java etc. For dynamic sites requiring database applications, search techniques or interactive venues (such as forums, blogs and rating facilities) we utilise the iDMA software.
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Edian Design Ltd is a graphic & web design company, based in the UK - working in cyberworld. Our clients are therefore international. For ten years we have been creating creating unique web sites, digital presentations, custom corporate logos, database systems, intranet applications. For further information about our services please email us
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