custom web design

You need a brand new web site or a redesign or you just want to spice up your existing pages. Whom should you commission? There are hundreds of web design companies out there. We are just one of them. So why choose us? Because we are a team of highly qualified and experienced designers and programmers whose combined skills can create sites that are stylish yet functional, customised yet systematic, sensual yet simple. We design and develop unique and distinctive web sites that reflect the spirit of our clients' businesses and respond to their online needs. Read more about our custom web site design services or look at our design portfolio

custom logo design

Your company logo is the symbol of your business - to capture its essence. So it’s important to get it right. We design logos that echo the nature of your business and express its distinctive corporate identity. If you already have a good static logo we can digitalise it or transform into an animated form so that you can use it on your web-site, in emails, online adverts etc.

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web site development

Utilising the IDMA database software we provide professional web site development. We can design and develop any type of dynamic web application - data-driven or interactive. We have developed industry specific networking sites; people search and find facilities; intranet applications; architectural portfolios; blogs; forums; digital presentations etc.

Read more about our custom web site development services or look at our web portfolio


design blog

Blogs are the new online communication phenomenon. They are now more than just individual diaries. They can be an excellent tool for a business to attract clients and customers. So we decided to add one to the Edian site. We believe that most commercial web sites would benefit from one. By taking part in a blog you can be heard in your industry and better network with other people in your area of expertise. Have a look at our blog or, if you want us add one to your site, click here with your enquiry.


web design tips & resources

We believe in the democracy of the internet and in the freedom of exchanging information and intelligence. Sharing knowledge and techniques in our industry will empower all of us. Therefore we are building the following pages with lists of useful sites, design techniques, methods and resources.

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