Custom web site design

Although the internet is an excellent venue to promote a business or provide a service, web pages do look more and more alike. This homogenisation is partly the result of the nature of the net and can partly be blamed on the limitations of the web design software that are commonly used to build web sites. An important contributing factor is that web designers tend to be either graphic artists or programmers. The former can make images and sites look evocative but lack the technical skills to create dynamic and interactive applications. On the other hand, programmers can construct dynamic sites with clever functions and facilities but they rarely have distinctive aesthetic skills. At Edian Design we provide both because we are a versatile team of highly qualified designers, programmers and system analysts having had years of experience in digital presentation, database software development, intranet application and Cad application. Our web sites and applications are totally custom made they respond to our clients' needs yet portray the essence of their business. We create a balance between appearance and function our web pages are subtle and sensual yet simple and efficient.

So what can we do for you? Anything you want for a web site. We can:-

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