Custom company logo design

Company Logo Design

We live in a world where the medium is the message. This means that your company can only succeed well if it's able to convey the right message i.e. the right image, the right identity. We can translate the essence of your business into a graphic design that will reflect the spirit of your company and give you a distinctive corporate identity.

A Logo can be static, a web animation or both. Our logo design service can provide your business with a static logo that can be used for letterheads, business cards and company signs. We can then transform this into a digital format that can be used on your web site, emails and online promotions. The digital format can be animated, static or interactive.

Animated Logo design

If you already have a good logo we can digitalize it and bring it to life or we can transform into an animated form so that you can use it on your web-site, in emails, online adverts etc. We can create both flash and gif animations - we prefer & recommend the latter because they can be read by all browsers without Macromedia plug-ins.

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